Rummana Yamanie as a Performance Artist
Her venture in the visual art realm followed work in Singapore Theatre scene. After her return to her hometown Jakarta, she was given an opportunity to deploy her talent more broadly as an artist. 
Here she found her connection between working in the vicinity of contemporary practice and performing arts. More often than not, her works rooted from the theories of psychology and the cognitive description of human behaviour. Classical Music is often used to complement the narratives, which is something that she takes pleasure from.

But art is not technology; it is useless but vital. It is through the art that we communicate what it feels like to be alive

-Anthony Gormley, visual artist

Rummana Yamanie (b.1989, Jakarta, Indonesia) is a Jakarta-based multidisciplinary artist. Her admiration towards the art started in the form of Acting. The concept of characterisation and embodying another individuality has captured her attention. How does a person feel and express an emotion from another point of view?
The psychological aspect behind the question drives her to learn further, artistically. However, her initial approach of studying the arts is through music. She started learning Classical Piano at the age of 6, her course stopped when she was 18 due to college but her practice continues until present day. In 2008, she was admitted to Lasalle College of The Arts Singapore, majoring in BA Acting Course.
Her training includes both Western and Eastern methodology; Stanislavsky, Meisner, Viewpoints, Suzuki, etc. She yearns to continuously discover the arts, and determined to polish the actuality of Theatre, Acting and the Performing Arts in Indonesia to be more truthful and morally educating. 
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